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Much Tiredness

Aug. 29th, 2006 | 09:21 pm
mood: gloomygloomy

Much Tireds
So not that I should be this tired or anything but I obviously haven't been getting enough sleep and haven't been sleeping deeply when I have been sleeping. Faire is a marvelous thing, but the humidity and trying to keep energy up despite of rain is taxing. And then stress from work, well, that just adds fun to it all. Now I could give you all the update of faire, but really, most of ya'll are faire people so you know most of the stories, plus last time I tried to post a faire update, myspace ate it. So I'll give you the work stress instead.

Last week the rumor went around work that unless our numbers improved someone would be getting fired, so at the Tech meeting last Friday, we talked about ways to cut cost so that management wouldn't cut anyone that we actually needed, figuring that they would never cut Sharon (who I almost hit on Thursday, I don't like her much) Well, apparently we screwed ourselves, because management has decided that we techs will now be helping in boarding, not as fill-ins like we meant, but instead as taking over boarding until Spring, which would also be over our busy season. We can't afford to lose a single tech during the busier days. Even the semi-busy ones. This would totally screw us but management doesn't realize that.

Plus Dr. Dunckel wants us to have 100% compliance with the Tech/Dr. program. Which means that the Tech is supposed to go into every room with their Dr. enter medical notes, get meds ready, make follow-up appts put in patient visit lists and assist the Dr. as needed. According to Dr Dunckel they are supposed to hand off treatments to the room floats and floats so they can stay right with their Dr. and taht that is what the room floats and floats are there for. Drawing blood usually takes two people, taking x-rays takes two people, giving fluid can take two people and usually the only room float/float is me. Sometimes there is Jill, once in a while it's both of us. If we are doing treatments we don't get the next room loaded, if the next room isn't loaded, we get in trouble. Apparently I should work very hard on perfecting the splitting myself into three people. (ey Mike, what alien race was Triad in Legion of Superheros?) But when I brought this up it pretty much got shrugged off and though other people tried to speak up it was soon shown to be pointless as Dr. Crow was going to talk over us and Dr. Dunckel, Christe and Debbie weren't about to listen. I'm waiting for my breakdown now. And I'm doing pre-emptive stressing, probably not the best thing.

On top of this my mother is not telling me I should make an appointment with my Dr. due to my sleeping issues. I jsut can't get my brain to shut off sometimes, and yeah for some reason I keep waking up in the middle of hte night, once or twice. And I'm still having many vivid dreams. According to my mother a young woman of my age shouldn't have problems sleeping. I tend to shrug it off as just the way I am. Besides I hate going to the Doctors and they might want to do bloodwork or something on me and I've got this unholy fear of haivng my blood drawn. Just totally creeps me out.

Anyhow, that's my tired/stressed life now. Can't wait until this weekend and it's only Tuesday.

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Don't Shoot Dogs

Aug. 15th, 2006 | 09:35 pm

About quarter after six we get a phone call at work, a dog has been shot and is on it's way in, it should be at the clinic in about half an hour, depending on traffic of course. Our receptionist says bring it right in. Okay, not a problem, this is what we are here for, even though part of my brain was saying 'take it to the emergency clinic! Dr. Crow can not handle an emergency and get us out before ten!'

So it shows up. It's been shot in the right front leg. An intact, male german shepherd who apparently had been chasing the neighbors chickens when it got shot. The owner isn't sure by what guage gun or anything like that. The neighbor who shot the dog called 911, the other neighbor bandaged the dog up and told the owners to call 911, which they did. The neighbor who shot the dog, knew whose dog it was before they shot him. There was quite a bit of blood loss.

The good news, the dog wasn't in shock and was walking on its other three legs fairly well. Bad news, dog was fairly covered in blood.. The bad news, the dog has seizures Good news, no seizures while he was with us. Bad news, tempurature around 105, 102 is high normal. Good news, color was good. So after going over a treatment plan and talking with the owners for a little while, we took x-rays of the leg. It was broken in two places and looked fairly well shattered, but not displaced. The owners were uncomfortable with the idea of leaving Shadow over night because of the seizures and so we gave him a liter of sub Q fluids, an antibiotic injection, and anti-inflamatory injection and some morphine. Splint the leg as best as we could and sent him home. He's suppose to come back tomorrow to be checked out again and Dr. Crow is going to talk to Dr. Dunckel about the possibility of putting pins in the leg, though the shattering could make that impossible.

We got out an hour and a half after close time and for the first time the owner apologized to us for keeping us late, and thanked us for staying for their dog. That made me very gratful. And Shadow was a possitively sweet dog, I mean he didn't growl or show his teeth once even though we had to have been hurting him when we adjusted his leg. He was really sweet and I really hope we can do something for this dog. The owners have already said they don't want to put him down but they can't afford a thousand dollar surgery to save his leg. And amputating, while cheaper, wouldn't be much less. So here's hoping our Dr.'s can do something for sweet shepherd Shadow.

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I Rule!

Jul. 18th, 2006 | 09:30 pm

If You Ruled the Land . . . by wackyweasel
Your first name:
How you gained your rule:
Your title is:Your Royal Sexyness
Your symbol is:the lion, for power and pure badass
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At your side is:your royal mirror-carrier and makeup crew
Your enforcers, troops, and guards are all:elves - with WINGS!!
Your most popular law is:Free alcohol to pretty people if they sit with ugly people
Your least popular law is:Pinky swearing equals a binding contract
Your worst enemy is:a poorly-chewed pretzel
Your popularity rating is:: 31%
Your chance of being overthrown is:: 99%
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Bristol Visit

Jul. 17th, 2006 | 08:54 pm

It was road trip time this past weekend. Friday after work, I waited for my brother to show up to Valli/Apartment sit for me and I headed to Heather's. Once there we condensed everything into her vehicle and we were on our way. The trip actually went pretty well with the exception of a few stretches of construction and one dead car in a middle lane. Oh yeah, and getting lost because Illinois is lousy for road signs. But we finally made it to our hotel.
Next morning Heather and I were up early and headed to Great Lakes Naval Base to pick up Josh. He had to wait for liberty but we really didn't wait very long, he signed us onto base and we walked with him back to his barracks to pick up his stuff, signed him out and away we went. Oddly enough we managed to arrive at the faire just a little behind Shannon and Wayne. So they got to see him in his dress whites too.
We all got changed and headed in. Shortly we seperated into a couple of groups, Heather headed off on her own, and the guys, Shannon and I started walking, with the guys at time wandering ahead or behind us. It was fun, tried on a really awesome leather shirt, think I might see if Chip can make me something similar. I'd rather buy from a friend then a stranger. Besides, the amazon outfit got lots of attention and he made that. In fact, it looked so good that I picked up a freak stalker (the guys did a good job of escorting me after they found out how uncomfortable this guy made me) and one faire worker who would not let me pass without flirting outragously with me. The puritan was fun too, he kept yelling at me whenever he saw me and told me I was going to hell and was shameless and what not.
Bristol is an awesome faire! The set up is fantastic and the court is amazing. They could stand to be more personable but oh well. Anyhow, it was fun to wander. The guys did some rogueings, I walked and chatted with Shannon. I got to spend some time with Josh. And we all managed to keep pretty well hydrated, man was it hot! Thanks to Apropos for getting us into the Friends of Faire section and free water!
We ended up leaving faire about an hour before close, at least Shannon, Wayne, Josh and I did. And after a quick stop to get Josh a swimsuit we headed to Shannon and Wayne's hotel for a swim and then to have pizza. That was the perfect way to finish a very hot day. And gave me a chance to cuddle for a bit. Definitly needed that. It's to bad Josh wasn't feeling very well though. He'd been sick for a couple of days and hadn't had a good night the night before and didn't want to spread whatever he had to me. Which I guess was kinda sweet. What he did give me were two copper roses.
Anyhow, Wayne drove Josh and I to the base, were we had to walk in so I could sign Josh back in. It was fun to see the reaction of the others on base to Josh's kilt. And I learned that PDA is not allowed on base. Anyhow, we walked him in, he walked us out, we said goodnight and Wayne drove me back to my hotel where I learned I'd have the room to myself since Heather was going to her friend Don's place.
I ended up riding back with Shannon and Wayne and spent the day at Grand Haven with Sarah and Dave. It was a good day. Think it finally ended for me around 11:30 when I crawled in bed.
I had wanted to be able to see Josh on Sunday too, but he didn't want to have to get into his dress whites again, and he hadn't been feeling well when we dropped him off. Still it was a disappointment not to get a call in the morning saying that he had decided he wanted to meet up with us for breakfast or something. Ah well, hopefully MIRF.

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Pirate Crew

Jul. 7th, 2006 | 08:50 am

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Jun. 20th, 2006 | 10:09 pm
mood: restlessrestless

Yup, I felt creative when I wrote that title. But I'm going to try to keep this short over all, simply because I'm not really in the mood to write much which means this will probably be one of my longer entries.
This morning, work went beautifully. It was busy. When I got there there were charts waiting in the bin and we were all kept on our toes. But I didn't feel like I was being over loaded, in fact I had that marvelous feeling that this is totally what I'm meant to do, this is the type of work I was meant for. i was so in the grove. Then came the staff meeting, not that it was horrible or anythign but it made me lose my grove and I just ended up feeling pissed off at some very stupid people and some people I work with who were idiots. Many people ended up on the people punting list today. Including one child who refused to stop screaming if people weren't directly talking to him. But then came in an emergency and my grove came back as I helped Dr. Wright do various tests and lab work on Teddy and made sure everything happened in a timely matter. Unfortunatly this story doesn't have a happy ending. After about an hour of working on this sweet dog, the owners reached the decision to euthanize him. The findings of ultrasound and x-ray as well as bloodwork pointed to a growth on the spleen, potentially cancerous with potential spread to the lungs. Not a good prognosis, and this dog had gone down hard. So, it wasn't a great ending to the story but probably the best choice.
The rest of the night went fairly smoothly though both Katie and I were supposed to get out right on time we ended up being there for about an extra half hour, there just wasn't much we could do about it though, stuff had to get finished.
Then I decided to go swimsuit shopping for the camping expedition this coming weekend. Not that I don't already have a few swimsuits but it never hurts to look. Yeah, they really dont' make great bathingsuits for my body type, think I'll stick with what I have.
I can't wait for the weekend. I mean I'm happy I have tomorrow off and everything but I want to camp, and go swimming in the lake, and relax with friends, and dress in garb and well just be crazy little me for a little bit. Yeah, that sounds like fun.

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(no subject)

Jun. 10th, 2006 | 05:20 pm
mood: happyhappy

Josh called from Base today, this makes me happy.

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A Monday of a Thursday

Jun. 8th, 2006 | 07:54 pm
mood: satisfiedsatisfied

So yesturday I didn't work, yay for days off. And I got stuff done, including lots of cleaning and a fair bit of sewing. (Gosh I almost added an e to the end of that fair) I spoiled myself watching movies and soap operas and just hanging out with the Valli and vegging. I even let myself have ice cream for breakfast and for the most part, I was good. Course I also kept myself from thinking most of the day and that always helps.

Today, Thursday. Went in to work at eight and got to deal with a Bull Mastiff that needed sutures taken out of it's tail stump (the tail was amputated two weeks ago) On four tablets of ace he was perfectly good for removing the bandage, went to take the sutures out and he decided to bite my head. Yup, I've got teeth marks on my forehead and a small cut on the top of my head. I said excuse me, I'm going to see if our head tech thinks we'll need to sedate him further, and stepped out. Told Barb what happened, started crying (damn I hate crying in public) and then bummed a cigarette off of Joey and stepped outside, with both of them telling me to take a couple of minutes. Had a bit of a head ache today, surprise. I then got bit by a dog when I tried to take his temp, the owner wasn't holding well and it was more of a warning bite then anything else so I didn't bother letting anyone know about that one. Then there was the Aussie that didn't want his nails trimmed, he snapped at me, but the owner had a good hold on him. Then I took him in back, he snapped at Katie trying to put a muzzle (affecitonatly known as a party hat) on him and so the owner had to, after which I put him on his side, and he learned that when I said stay put, I meant it. Okay that turned into a longer story then it was supposed to be.
Here's the crazy odd part. It was a good day. Yeah, I know, dogs had this urge to put their teeth on my but over all it was a good day. It just felt good and I left work in a better mood then I have for a while. And that's a definite happy.

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Jun. 4th, 2006 | 09:58 pm
mood: reflective
music: Watching Mirrormask

In the sun of shadows past
The walls I built to keep me safe
My strength is weakened in the morn
After a night of pleasures
Suddenly I realize all I have to loose
Already has been
If ever it was really mine
Or merely a dream of what could
Delusions no longer hold for me
And standing tall I try to face
And find out what that truely is.

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(no subject)

May. 24th, 2006 | 09:38 pm

Find your Celestial Choir

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